There are endless cooking blogs and sites where we can get our extra inspiration. Here is a list of my top-faves (I'm sure I risk having left some good ones out):

Antigone XXI 

On Pinterest I have another nice selection of my favourite recipes from other blogs.

Feel free to Check ‘em out 

Cooking books
  • Artful Vegan, Fresh Flavors from the Millennium Restaurant - Tucker, Enloe & Pearce
  • The Millennium Cookbook - Tucker & Westerdahl
  • Vegan Dinner - Julie Hasson
  • Cooking with Kurma - Kurma Dasa
  • The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking - Yamuna Devi
  • Artisan Vegan Cheese, Miyoko Schinner
  • Het Chopra Kookboek - Deepak Chopra, David Simon, Leanne Backer
  • Rauw - Charlie Trotter & Roxanne Klein
  • Vegetarische Gerechten, Kitchen Classics
  • Dikke Vegetarier, Mark Bittman
  • Vegetarische Sushi - Brigid Treloar
  • Non-Fish-a-licious - Lisette Kreischer

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